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Boston Childrens Museum
Hours Daily: 10:00am - 5:00pm / Fridays: 10:00am - 9:00pm / Closed Thanksgiving Day & Christmas Day / Open at 12pm on New Year's Day
Accessibility Accessible to persons with disabilities.

Boston Children's Museum

308 Congress St., Boston, MA, 02110
(617) 426-6500

Created by Boston_Childrens_Museum

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Boston Children's Museum
308 Congress St.
Boston, MA 02110
(617) 426-6500
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Reviews & Comments
1 review
Mar 06, 2012 - kaylow92
Is there anything less then 1 star?

My visit to the museum today, was absolutely atrocious!! When I went when I was little it used to be fun, now it was just boring. I took my 3 year old niece today, and the only exhibit she had fun in was the Arthur exhibit, and even then she wanted to leave almost 5 minutes after. Each exhibit we went into after the Arthur one, she walked in and walked right out. I also shouldn't have had to pay $12 for her. I'm absolutely demanding a refund for the $48 I wasted today on trash. You're climbing thing when you first walk in which is supposed to be fun should have a minimum age on it, she's 3 years old, she got stuck, so no one could climb in and get her because it was to small and adults aren't allowed inside. It was all bumpy when it used to be flat. It is terrible for kids, you shouldn't have a trap area in there which has no exit, there should be exit's at the top, and NOT ABSOLUTELY NOT just an emergency exit!!! I had to wedge myself in there and climb in to save her because she got stuck and scared. There was no staff around, you're staff was absolutely the most unfriendliest group of people I have ever met. If you're going to work with children you need to actually have a personality. There were no staff members in any the exhibits, everything was falling apart, and about 85% of everything was missing. The Japanese exhibit said it was open until 4:30pm, and when I tried to go in there with my niece, they were having a meeting and it said it was closed once you got inside! You need to learn to have these meetings after the museum has closed. I don't get how people waste their money on your terrible supposed enjoyment for children. I don't understand why you would put a sand exhibit and a water exhibit with each other, and then say don't bring the sand into the water area. Are you serious? Someone wasn't thinking when they put that together, obviously. One of the tables of water also had chlorine in it, why would you put chlorine in water that you know children will obviously put in their mouth. There was so much wasted space, the subway was gone, the giant chess set was gone. It was a complete waste of my time. You can't say that it's because she's 3 years old, she is the child who is most easily amused, it shows how terrible you're facility is if she didn't even have fun. Everything you had there I could have done at home for free, nobody was on the 3rd floor. There was supposedly some recycling center and there was none there. Instead of having a man playing a violin, you should have had him watching the children and other exhibits. In the play area, you don't need 5 staff members there all at once, clearly parents will be there too, it's just a social area for your staff members. Actually pay attention and make them do some work. I had a better experience at Au Bon Pain, at least there the staff members actually seemed to care about their customers. I was going to go into the gift shop but I figured why should I even bother wasting my money there if I already had to just waste $48 on tickets. I regret donating the $1 to your terrible membership. My sister went into the gift shop and she said there was nothing there, and it was a waste of money. $15 for a 6 inch doll is the stupidest thing I've ever heard. I understand children are supposed to use their imagination, but if you're going to even think about spending money, you should at least actually have some toys for them to play with that are intact and not broken or missing. Once again it was a waste of my money. It would have been more productive for me to just set my money on fire and throw it in the trash. It was like a field trip in school, on the bus ride there and back was the most fun, everything else was just pointless. Once again, I absolutely demand a refund on the $48 i just threw away for the 4 tickets I had to buy. If you don't, I'll post this review on every single website that I can, and tell everyone I know not to go to The Children's Museum, or support it in any way.

1 review
Mar 28, 2010 - whit_iii
Museum of Science much better

My toddlers enjoy the Museum of Science much more as the exhibits are more interactive than the Children's musuem. Still not a bad place to bring kids, but less of a priority than other available places. I would agree many exhibits tend to be closed or broken for whatever reason. We enjoyed the 'attic' exhibit where children can sample various old garb 'found in a chest', but for whatever reason this didn't survive the renovation updating so I don't think it is still there. I could see where someone might give it 3 stars, but 4 is definitely excessive.

1 review
Feb 18, 2010 - Katelouise74
Great place for children of all ages

My family and I are members of, and frequent visitors to, the Boston Children's Museum. We think it is a great place for children to have fun, explore and learn interactively.

While we have never had anything but fun there, I can see how it would be easy for a child to become separated from his/her parents when it is busy at the museum. That is why I was so pleased yesterday when we visited to see the change in policy for children exiting the New Balance Climb, as well as many more staff members around near the entrance and exits.

Although I understand that you can never take your eyes off your children, even with extra staffing, it did give me a sense of security on such a busy day.

Kudos to the staff and management of the museum for making these changes and for the great environment you continue to provide for our children!

1 review
Jan 20, 2010 - ckendall40
Great Children's Museum

I don't usually write reviews but felt compelled after reading the only one in here.....my family has been to this museum many times over the years and it's a fantastic museum for kids, especially younger children. There's so many things for children to do, we never seem to have enough time when we do go. I'm sorry that somebody had an isolated incident with not being able to find their child but it's certainly not the norm. The bottom line is that this is a fantastic museum for kids not to be missed!!

1 review
(no rating) Jan 06, 2010 - Boston_Childrens_Museum
RE: Careless staff lost my son

Boston Children’s Museum maintains strict safety protocols. Since our expansion in 2007, over one million children have enjoyed the Museum without incident, but we believe even a single event is unacceptable. In this particular case, an employee neglected to follow the Museum’s established protocols. We have carefully reviewed these policies with our staff, and appropriate actions have been taken to prevent a similar situation from occurring in the future. We sincerely apologize to the Wolaniuk family for their distress.

1 review
Jan 03, 2010 - wolaniuk
Careless staff lost my son

We visited the BCM after reading all the reviews and after being advised by our Hotel (Hotel Commonwealth) that "this is the place for small children to go!” We arrive on 12/31/09 - paid and our son (age 5 on 12/1/09) wanted to climb the "New Balance Climb. After reading the sign informing us that the entrance is at the bottom and a staffed escape exit was located between the 2nd & 3rd floor for emergencies and that the child would only be releases to the parent – we let him enter.

I took the video camera from my wife and she waited at the bottom with my mother - while I climbed the stair to film my son’s climb. But by the time I got to the 3rd floor I could not locate my son. My wife and I search the enclosed tower, asked the staff for help and spoke with staffer who manned the emergency exit. But no one had seen my son!

We searched the museum for about 15-20 mins with no results. I finally returned to the 3rd floor and search each exhibit and found my son playing with another child.

After hugging him and yelling at him - I asked him what happened - He told me the women at the emergency exit let him out.

We continued our visited for 2.5 hours at the museum when my son asked if he could climb again - we let him in - while I raced to the top. Once again - When he reached the escape exit - the women had opened the hatch to let out a girl - released my 5 year old to no one. But this time I was there to get him before he got lost.

I spoke with the women - but she did not care and told me the museum was closing in 30 min (early for New Years Eve,).

I do not recommend this place - many exhibits closed or broken and uneducated uncaring staff! This place is an accident waiting to happen - too many exits unmanned. Someone off the street can walk in and out the restaurant without anyone watching.

I love my son but with all the activities - it is easy for your child to be distracted. We had 3 adults with our one child - due to the carelessness of their staff - my son was loss for 20 mins - Thank God it ended well!

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