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The Liberty Hotel

215 Charles St., Boston, MA, 02114
(617) 224-4000
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Created by Milestone Internet

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The Liberty Hotel
215 Charles St.
Boston, MA 02114
(617) 224-4000
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(no rating) Feb. 29, 2012 - Boston.com - Ike DeLorenzo, Globe Correspondent

When the chef comes out to compliment you on your order, you know you’re doing something right.

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“The Internet changes everything. You know about what everyone else is doing, what’s out there."

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(no rating) Aug. 5, 2009 - Boston.com - Anne V. Nelson, Globe Staff

Few sights are as pleasing to the 9-month-old eye as a near-empty restaurant early on a summer evening.

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(no rating) June 30, 2009 - Boston.com - Devra First, Globe Staff

We went on an extended pizza crawl to pinpoint some of the best Pizza spots in Boston. The following establishments are worth their sauce.

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July 9, 2008 - Boston.com - Devra First, Globe Staff
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(no rating) Oct 12, 2007 - Boston.com
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(no rating) Sep 27, 2007 - Boston.com - Linda Laban

It's hard to imagine the city's swanky new Liberty Hotel was once the notorious Charles Street Jail. Entering the building once heralded a miserable night behind bars.

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1 review
Jan 16, 2011 - martina on Scampo
Mostly Hit, but a couple of misses

Just checked out this restaurant and was pretty impressed, but there were a couple of things that bothered me enough that I felt compelled to write (I don't usually write restaurant reviews).

First the positives. The space is gorgeous, very nice, busy ambiance. We had a fabulous server named Yasmin - she explained the dishes well, she was very attentive, very polite, and very good at her job. We loved her, and she is a definite asset to the restaurant. The breadsticks were wonderful, and we tried Patricks Naan with Prosciutto which was out of this world! Would definitely recommend it, and it was worth eating there just for that. The Mozzarella course was very good. My husband had the thinly sliced steak and it was just the right size, as we had been enjoying the other courses on the menu. We had tiramisu for dessert, and it was one of the best I've ever enjoyed.

The negatives were few, but they were there. The Spaghetti Bolognese was terrible. I think this is what the previous reviewer referred to as having pork rinds - there was so much overpowering, smoked bacon that you could not taste anything else. It completely ruined the dish. Even my husband agreed, and generally, he will eat bacon in any shape or form. The second negative just rubbed me the wrong way. As we were leaving, we followed the signs for the exit, and they lead to the kitchen. It looked like we were entering a hallway, and since we had come in through a hallway, and truthfully, we weren't really paying too much attention, we just headed in that direction. Just as were about to enter the kitchen area, somebody jumped out at us, and asked What did we think we were doing? We had absolutely no idea what he was talking about - and we were standing directly under the sign that said Exit! Within about 2 seconds a manager was escorting us out, and making sure we left. Although nothing aggressive was said, my husband and I just looked at each other with a What the heck just happened? look on our faces. As we were leaving we just made a comment that they should make the signs clearer, and he just laughed at us. We were not impressed by their attitude.

1 review
(no rating) Sep 12, 2008 - jdug9 on Clink

You are talking about Lili!!!!!! From Sonsie, right??? So glad to read this--We have had IDENTICAL experiences at Clink, service SUCKS----and were so excited when we strolled in one day just to check the place out and there she was! I got the impression she is mostly there during the day. Their loss, but mostly ours. You are right, she is a wonderful bartender--and wonderful person. My husband and I would happily go anywhere she is because we know we are guaranteed great service and a great time. We both often would call from work to say we were bringing clients at the last minute and the place could be jam packed, three deep at the bar, but she would somehow have finagled several seats and treat us and our clients like royalty. Who can ask for more than that? I have so many great stories but she basically is capable of doing handstands while jumping through hoops, juggling fireballs, and making drinks at the same time--all while smiling and being her lovely self. Was nice to see a posting like that, because I totally agree. I love Clink as a space but it is SOOOOOO frustrating and infuriating to be treated like that when you are giving them business. I should stop now before I start ranting........................

1 review
Aug 22, 2008 - susiegray on Clink
Love Clink--but service needs HELP

The best bartender I know in this city--lovely, professional AND FAST--is rumored to be working at Clink now, but I have yet to see her. Let's all hope its true, because that means we might have the hopes of getting a drink there one day. Until then, be prepared to wait. This is one of my favorite places in the city to go, but in my mind there is no excuse for the bad service. I'm sure that we are all partially to blame, as we all flock there every night. But honestly, is it that hard to look at a customer and smile? Even if you are busy and they will have to wait? My experience at Clink is always the same. The bartender acts annoyed at very my presence and tries to avoid eye contact as long as possible, as if that means I'm not really there yet. I have even been there on a wednesday night before and the guy behind the bar just couldn't be bothered. He wasn't even waiting on anyone else! Sure, I'm not 21 and drop dead gorgeous, but come on! A job is a job and service is service. Anyways, If you see a pretty blond bartender, go to her for drinks no matter how busy she looks, you are guaranteed good service.

1 review
(no rating) Jun 10, 2008 - alexanderlam on Scampo

Are you kidding me? Overpriced and the food was almost laughable. Despite a gorgeous space, fun atmosphere, the food was TERRIBLE. I had a dish that tasted like a small bowl of chef boy-r-dee pasta with pork rinds on it. My advice, have a pre-dinner cocktail here and move on, move on, move on.....

3 reviews
May 19, 2008 - Frolic on Clink
Bad Experience

Clink at the Liberty Hotel


We were totally impressed with Clink's website and menu, and made
reservations for 9:15 pm for ourselves and my nephew and wife from Charlotte

We arrived at The Liberty Hotel, and walked into the lobby to find it was
one big crowded deafening nightclub -- imagine standing in the pits at the
Indianapolis 500. Okay, it's a club, it's noisy. We were a half hour early
so we checked in with the Clink hostess to see if there was a table
available. There wasn't, so we went to Alibi to have a drink.

At Alibi, our waitress said she had a table we could have for 15 minutes,
which would work out perfectly for a quick drink before our dinner
reservations. She took our order and disappeared. It was over 10 minutes
before she finally brought our drinks, and then, 2 minutes later she
returned and told us the reservation party was here and we had to leave now.
We paid the check in cash, and she took the check and didn't return with the
change. We had to track her down to retrieve it.

We proceeded upstairs to Clink. Standing at the desk was so noisy that we
could hardly talk to the hostess. She said our table wasn't ready but we'd
get the next one available. We're overwhelmed with the noise in the lobby
we're standing in, looking into the restaurant, so I asked if the restaurant
had any quiet corners, where it would be possible to talk. It took several
rounds of what? what! what??? to communicate that question. The hostess said
if it was too loud she would have the manager turn down the music. HaHa!!

While waiting, my husband took the opportunity to check out Scampi's on the
lower level, to see if it were quieter and if we could get in there. He came
back and reported that the noise level was just as bad.

We were finally seated 10 pm, we were happy to see, as far from the entrance
as was possible, which I thought was good, as the best chance of being less
noisy. It wasn't. The hostess handed us menus. There seemed to be appetizers
on the first page, but then the next page had starters. It was too noisy for
her to describe what we were looking at, and too dark to read the menu. She
said she would have the manager turn up the lights (they appeared to be
off), but that was impossible so they brought us a second votive candle.

Our waiter was prompt, but the noise was so overwhelming that it was
challenging just to communicate sparkling or flat water. He handed us menus,
told us there were no more specials left for night. We asked what was good,
and he said "the salmon is great, the steak is great and the chicken is
great." We asked about wine and got the clueless type of commentary.

My nephew ordered a rye whiskey and got a bourbon.

We got up and left, and were only sorry we didn't make that decision at 8:45
instead of 10:15! We took a taxi to The Butcher Shop, where they bent over
backwards to accommodate us weary hungry travelers. Suggesting this, serving
that -- we had a delicious and delightful dinner at the Butcher Shop.

One last comment, we realized that during our walk through Clink, we had not
seen a single table with food or being served food, so we cannot comment on
either the taste or presentation. The Liberty Restaurants may be a great
club destination, but it has the worst service and the darkest, noisiest
dining room I have ever experienced. And, I can't repeat "noisy" too many
Donald and Lizzie Worcester MA

1 review
Feb 02, 2008 - siotrad on Clink
The Clink!

Welcome addition to the Wst-End/Beacon Hill are!

The Clink is the updated restaurant of the remodeled old jail. It caters to the hotel clients and the Beacon Hill crowd.

The menu and dishes offered were simple but sophisticated. The flavors of every dish were subtle, the dish presentation were artistic.

A simple frisee salad was a gourmet adventure. Roquefort dressing with walnuts were very well balanced and the result was appreciated by all.

The seared scalops were perfectly cooked and spiced with vanilla. The experience was wonderful.

The waitresses were polite and smiling.

Yes, it may have been a bit expensive, but prices were not very different from the prices of close by restaurants.

Will try it again


2 reviews
(no rating) Jan 29, 2008 - 11mais
can you say OVERPRICED????

not that I expected reasonably priced drinks. Yes, the lobby/hotel is impressive to take in.
But the bartenders were very unfriendly and snooty, and the wines are insanely listed as "100 ml", "250 ml", or 2/3 or 1 bottle.
At first glance it looks like a glass of wine ranges from 7-10 or so, but this is for what amounts to a half a glass of wine.
So a mere $17 gets you a 1 1/3 glass. Pretentious and ridiculous. Shame on you.

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