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AMC Loews Theatre -Boston Common 19

175 Tremont St., Boston, MA, 02111
888-AMC-4FUN, 617-423-5801

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Movies Showing at AMC Loews Theatre -Boston Common 19
Today, Monday, Sep 1
Thriller - R
Buy tickets 11:20a 2:10 5:00 7:45 10:30
Horror, Thriller - R
Buy tickets 12:30 2:45 5:20 7:40 10:10
Comedy, Drama - R
Buy tickets 1:35 7:05
Drama - R
Buy tickets 2:30 8:30
Drama - PG
Buy tickets 11:30a 2:00 4:35 7:10 9:45
Action - PG-13
Buy tickets 4:10 9:35
Thriller, Action - R
Buy tickets 1:15 6:05 11:00
Thriller, Action - R
Buy tickets 3:40 8:35
Science Fiction, Action - PG-13
Buy tickets 2:45 8:15
Science Fiction, Action - PG-13
Buy tickets 12:00 5:30 11:00
Science Fiction, Action - PG-13
Buy tickets 11:00a 1:45 4:30 7:15 10:00
Animated - PG
Buy tickets 12:05 2:40
Drama - PG-13
Buy tickets 11:10a 1:40 4:15 6:50 9:25
Thriller - PG-13
Buy tickets 11:15a
Comedy, Action - R
Buy tickets 1:00 3:30 6:00 8:30 11:10
Action - R
Buy tickets 12:10 2:25 4:45 7:00 9:20
Action - PG-13
Buy tickets 12:50 5:45 10:35
Action - PG-13
Buy tickets 3:20 8:10
Comedy, Science Fiction - PG
Buy tickets 11:00a 1:30 4:00 6:30 9:00
Thriller, Action - PG-13
Buy tickets 11:05a 2:00 5:00 7:55 10:50
Science Fiction, Drama - PG-13
Buy tickets 12:35 3:00 5:25 7:50 10:15
Drama - PG
Buy tickets 1:10 3:55 6:40 9:30
Thriller, Action - R
Buy tickets 11:25a 2:05 4:40 7:20 10:00
Comedy, Drama, Romance - PG-13
Buy tickets 12:00 6:00
Drama - PG
Buy tickets 11:35a 2:15 4:55 7:35 10:20
Science Fiction, Action - PG-13
Buy tickets 5:05 8:05 11:00
Location & Nearby Info
AMC Loews Theatre -Boston Common 19
175 Tremont St.
Boston, MA 02111
888-AMC-4FUN, 617-423-5801
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Reviews & Comments
1 review
(no rating) Apr 29, 2013 - susanmaple
Movie times - comment

I come to Boston from about 100 miles away every 3 or 4 weeks. Today when I went to check the movies and times for tomorrow, I am blocked out. Is this happening for everyone or just because I am not in Boston?

1 review
(no rating) Mar 22, 2013 - rickbcn
BEWARE parking scam

This theater AMC Loews Theatre -Boston Common 19 175 Tremont St., Boston, MA, 02111 has no signs with any information for parking and when asked you will be told "here is a voucher to park downstairs at the Millennium parking garage" After parking, going to the $14.50 movie, you give the voucher to the smiling attendant and told you owe $25, your voucher is only good for $5 and the total is $30 "because you just went over the 2 hour limit, and this happens all the time, you have to complain to the theater, it's not our fault" This is a SCAM.
Don't go to this theater with a car, they will not tell you and will not put up any signs informing their customers of the FULL price.
I spoke with the manager and he said "it is not his problem, most people walk here, and we have nothing to do with the garage" I then asked him why he gives out vouchers to this garage while not telling HIS customers, that it will cost them $25 more. He hung up on me!

2 reviews
(no rating) Jan 02, 2012 - littlel
Not the only choice!

Why not go to Fenway 13? Or Kendall sq? They are much better, although my large umbrella got lifted at Fenway -how lame.

1 review
(no rating) Dec 02, 2011 - pchang
the only choice

too big, too noisy, too messy, expensive for what it offers. The previews are awful and too loud, no way to know what time the actual film starts; it's the only theater downtown, so there is not much alternative.

1 review
(no rating) Jul 14, 2011 - adamfrossi
stop moaning

the theater is big, busy, and made for the popcorn experience...staff don't care? Probably not...they make minimum wage which means they are paid NOT to care...personally, I like it...it's like the coliseum for movies...yes there will be blood.

1 review
(no rating) Mar 25, 2011 - Jgaryman
Best theater in Boston

I don't understand all these negative comments. I go every week. I think this is the best run theater in the Boston area. You have to go all the way to Framingham to find anything as nice.

1 review
(no rating) Mar 18, 2011 - prchang
Unpleasant movie experience

these theaters are messy (too big, too much traffic) and film previews and features are way too loud.
overall, an unpleasant movie-going experience, although the only game in town.

1 review
(no rating) Mar 04, 2011 - holajeanne
Disgraceful Dump

Dirty, loud and expensive. I have been to a few movies here just for the location. I would liken it to the Superdome during Katrina.

3 reviews
Apr 25, 2010 - Preppy100
They can't even get the TIMES right!!!!

I went there yesterday (Apr 25) to see the 4:00 show of "Kick Ass". However there WAS no 4:00 show! They blamed Boston Globe.com for the mistake. However don't u think that ANY theatre would double-check to see if the times online match the actual times? Seriously--it would take a few minutes! This is yet another example why I wait for movies to come on DVD.

2 reviews
(no rating) Mar 02, 2010 - bostondanno
This place is a mess

I hate this theater. I live nearby and have given up on the place. I never go there without encountering a problem. Often it's the advertised on-line movie times not matching the real movie times so I miss the beginning of the movie. The staff blames boston.com or The Globe. Lately it's been the fact that virtually none of the self-service kiosks work anymore so you have go to wait in line for the ticket counter. The staff blames this problem on Fandango becuase I guess they own the kiosks. I don't care whose's problem it is - fix it! The people who work there just don't care. It's like the whole place has just given-up. It's too bad because it should be a premier facility and it ain't cheap but it's just become a pit to avoid. Take your $$$$ someplace else and enjoy the show.

1 review
Jan 14, 2010 - guysmiley
Great theater in town

I disagree with other reviewers, this is the best theater in town. Price may be higher, but it's in the center of the city what do expect? I rarely find that it's noisy, it's comfortable, has nice modern seating, great sound and great film variety. Of course if you want a great independent film and not the latest Hollywood blockbuster, then Kendall Sq. is the place to go.

1 review
Jan 10, 2010 - BostonKED
If the movie is somewhere else - see it there!

This theater has high prices, no monitoring of the theaters so you get loud people, crying babies, ringing cell phones and everything else you didn't pay $11 to hear! The bathrooms are always dirty, the sound in the theaters often blasts - especially during the coming attractions - and all in all I would never set foot in here if it weren't for its location. But now with other options I hope to avoid this place altogether - it doesn't seem to be managed by adults at all!

1 review
Dec 20, 2009 - Bob-Bob
The product is great, the service isn't

I've only been to this theater once; to see "UP" in 3-D. The 3-D was the best I've ever seen; the sound was fine, if not great. It was a technically-excellent venue for the film.
I thought the help at the upstairs snack counter was fair at best . . . slow, and fairly unfriendly.
I'm going back today or tomorrow to see "Avatar", also in 3-D. I will say this: if I ever experience kids gone wild, or noise (talking, etc.) in the theater, I'm gone for good. There's too much competition for me to have to put up with that.
I especially dislike unmonitored, unrestrained behavior by kids or anyone else. There is no movie that is an acceptable trade for my physical safety. BTW, preppy: there are two telephone numbers to memorize if you want AMC Corporate to wake up - 911, and your lawyer's.

2 reviews
Dec 08, 2009 - roxxma
Management needs to keep a better eye on its theatres

The selection is good, a little pricy but not unreasonable but there is no oversight of the theatres by cinema staff. I've been at movies here a few times in the past few months when people would come in halfway through and start talking or make other trouble. Also, on one occasion someone brought a young child into a late night screening of an R rated movie and the kid wouldn't stop whining not to mention it was completely inappropriate to bring a kid in, another time someone had a baby. If they cannot begin police the behavior of the unruly patrons, I'm going to start going elsewhere (Fenway, Kendall the Coolidge Corner or Stewart St Playhouse) for my movie watching.

1 review
Dec 03, 2009 - Preppy
Too expensive and noisy

There are plenty of movies to pick from but the prices are much higher than anywhere else. Also there are bands of teenagers who casually roam around from theatre to theatre causing trouble. When I went to see "Halloween 2" some of them through 3-D glasses at me and nicked me on the side of head. To be honest I was too scared to leave! They threw other things also and casually walked out 10 minutes later. The only ushers available were a LLOOONNNGGG walk away. Don't even get me started on the concession stand--the prices are outrageous. Also the sound seems to go out frequently. This theatre is the reason I stopped going to the movies. Overpriced with rowdy teenagers and bad sound. I'd rather wait for the DVD. Avoid.

2 reviews
Nov 10, 2009 - elvisva
Many theaters, too expensive, bad service

A lot to choose from, but the prices here are always higher than elsewhere. The concessions are more outrageously expensive than normal. I just tried to see A Christmas Carol in 3D and the sound gave out before the previews started. They continued into the movie and I walked out before they fixed it. They were "looking into it." Overall, a really bad experience here -- go elsewhere.

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